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Table Spoon & Tea Spoon


Measuring Cups


Measuring Spoons


Measuring Scale


(1.)Tablespoon and Teaspoon :

These are the tablespoon and teaspoon which I use in my recipes.

2) Measuring Cups and Spoons.:

I have been using  these sets of measuring spoons and cups since I started baking.

Even though I have not used this cups and spoons in all my recipes.These are available in all supermarkets.

3) A kitchen scale helps to weigh the solid items in grams .



Conversion Table (For Baking)

Ingredient Volume(Cups) Weight(grams)
Butter (Salted or Unsalted) ½ cup 113 grams
Butter (salted or Unsalted) 1 cup 226 grams
Flour(All Purpose or plain) 1 cup 130 grams
Flour(Cake) 1 cup 120 grams
Flour(Whole Wheat) 1 cup 130 grams
Potato Flour 1 tablespoon 12 grams
Potato Flour ½ cup 80 grams
Corn Starch(Corn Flour) 1 tablespoon 10 grams
Ground Almonds(Almond Meal o Flour) 1 cup 90 grams
Cornmeal 1 cup 120 grams
Sugar(Granulated White) 1 cup 200 grams
Sugar(Brown)(lightly packed) 1 cup 210 grams
Confectioners Sugar(Powdered or Icing) 1 cup 120 grams
Chocolate Chips 1 cup 170grams
Cocoa Powder(varies by brand) 1 tablespoon 6 grams
Cocoa Powder(varies by brand) 1 cup 100 grams
Graham Cracker Crumbs 1 cup 100 grams
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 1 cup 95 grams